Alyssa Suede has been singing and performing since the age of three.  She’s from a family of musicians.  Her dad is well known arranger/composer David Campbell, Beck is one of her brothers, and her mom, Raven Kane, is a singer and theatre composer.

While growing up in Los Angeles, Alyssa was a champion figure skater.  She and Sasha Cohen trained together with Olympic coach John Nicks, which led to a cabinet full of trophies, gold medals, and the Los Angeles Artistic Champion title.

Alyssa starred in “The Nutcracker on Ice” at Knott’s Berry Farm and skated/acted as “young Nancy Kerrigan” in an NBC movie. Other credits include singing on Neil Diamond’s Christmas album; singing on numerous commercials; starring in school musicals and studying acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London.  

As a musician, Alyssa taught herself guitar and achieved a series of impressive musical accomplishments as an independent singer-songwriter, releasing two EPs on iTunes, “Raw” and “B&W In Color” and performing at SXSW and Sundance. “Suede has chops,” L.A. Times wrote. “Full of melodic rhythmic songs with poetic lyrics, this pop/folk musician will get in your head and stay there.” The Olympic training didn’t go to waste, either - she figure skates in her award winning music video “Falling From Mars.”

Alyssa is currently the lead singer of Rome Will Burn which is signed to Blue Mask Records.  Their single “Chameleon” has been featured in TV shows and is featured in the Film “Thoroughbred” which premiered to rave reviews at Sundance 2017.  As an actress, she can be seen as Judy Maxwell in the upcoming TV show “American Woman” slated to come out beginning of 2018.